Our Staff

John J. Walsh
President/ Senior Petrographer

John Walsh is the founder and president of Highbridge Materials Consulting. He holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a B.S. in Geology with Honors from Queens College, CUNY.  Mr. Walsh has extensive experience in the application of petrographic and chemical techniques to the examination of a wide variety of construction materials and practices. Additionally, he is a recognized expert in the application of these techniques to investigations related to historical concrete and masonry.

Magdalena Malaj
Senior Chemist
Magdalena Malaj is the senior chemist at Highbridge Materials Consulting. She holds a Master’s Degree in electrochemistry of corrosion and surface phenomena and a Bachelor’s Degree in general chemistry from the University of Tirana, Albania. Ms. Malaj specializes in inorganic analytical chemistry with an emphasis on developing methods for isolating and analyzing the binder components of historic mortars and stuccos. Additionally, she has studied pore size distributions and water and vapor transport characteristics of masonry materials.
Lindsay Levi
Petrographer/ Geologist
Lindsay Levi is a petrographer and staff geologist at Highbridge Materials Consulting. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in geology from Plattsburgh State University and attended the University of Alaska at Fairbanks as part of the National Student Exchange program. Ms. Levi is responsible for all aspects of petrographic data generation and analysis for concrete and masonry materials.
Michael Pattie
Laboratory Technician
As laboratory technician at Highbridge Materials Consulting, Michael Pattie is responsible for all aspects of sample management and preparation. His talent and attention to detail ensures that delicate or rare samples are properly handled. Mr. Pattie is also certified as a Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I by the American Concrete Institute.