Our Mission

Highbridge is committed to providing quality analytical data to our clients in all sectors of the construction industry. Our goal is to tailor our microscopical and chemical analyses to provide the most useful information in the timeliest manner for our clients’ diverse requirements. Our mission is to continuously improve and provide reports that satisfy our clients’ needs concisely and accurately. Highbridge recognizes that its success in this mission relies on three crucial factors. 

Highbridge prioritizes personalized attention. Our clients rely on our expertise and we are committed to providing assistance and consultation whether or not a project is contracted. We recognize that our clients value our experience and our staff always remains a phone call away. Highbridge strives to integrate our services with our client’s needs so that we are prepared to become part of the team seamlessly at a moment’s notice.
Highbridge is committed to identifying talented individuals, providing unique on-the-job training, and satisfying the distinctive job satisfaction needs of scientific personnel. The Highbridge environment is characterized by a team mentality where everyone is encouraged to apply their full talents to understanding and solving our clients’ problems and to contribute their particular knowledge and creativity to the collective skill set of the laboratory as a whole.
Highbridge recognizes that a successful business must continuously prove its relevancy. In order to meet this challenge, Highbridge staff continues to be pioneers in the field through research and methods development. By disseminating this gained knowledge at professional venues as well as volunteering our time at educational institutions, we regularly receive feedback that informs and improves our approach toward materials analysis.